Dancing the Stars to Earth
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Welcome! I'm Sheila Belanger, an astrologer and nature-based Soulcraft™ guide based in the Seattle, Washington area. Thank you for your interest in my work.

I am a passionate advocate for your wild nature and your capacity to track and navigate the currents of Soul, your unique expression of the divine. Your Soul currents are often found in your relationship with the Sacred Others,, the beings that appear to you in mysterious and life-changing ways and invite you to live a larger life than the one developed in childhood and early adulthood. These beings can appear in the astrological archetypes, nature; animal guides; dreams; shadow work; and key human relationships.

Honest, conscious relationship to the Sacred Others, supports your growth into an initiated adult, a person who lives in a larger web of connection beyond the perceptions of the individual human ego (the everyday conscious self). As an initiated adult, you creatively serve the planet through authentic and mature expression of your unique and visionary soul gifts.

In my lectures, retreats, vision quests, and Soulcraft™ programs, I mentor you to explore and deepen your personal and collective dance with the Sacred Other. In my private practice, I specialize in the astrology of midlife mischief and its attendant unique opportunities for soul growth.

Several currents inform my work in private practice and as a group facilitator. I have trained in Archetypal Astrology; Transpersonal Psychology; Soulcraft™ guiding; Neo-shamanic healing practices; Authentic Movement, and Deep Imagery. I lovingly challenge and guide you to cultivate the embodiment of your soul and your unique relationship to the Sacred. In all my guiding work, I bring my huge open heart, fierce compassion and deep respect for the Mystery in each person.

Did you know that . . .

  • Mars is the archetypal Warrior or Champion?
  • Saturn is the Administrator?
  • Vesta is the Keeper of the Sacred Flame?
  • Chiron is the Paradigm-Shifter?

Read Sheila’s astrological Archetypal Definitions of the Planets, Asteroids, Allies, Zodiac Signs, Planetary Motions and Aspects.

Join Sheila . . .

for her next engaging and insightful lecture on the Astrological Cycles of the Season in Seattle or Whidbey Island!

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Sheila Belanger


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“Dancing the Stars to Earth” ©2010 Sheila Belanger
“Elemental Mandala” artwork by Joanna Powell Colbert. Used with permission.